no BS


I legit have the               smile on my face right now.

I am an easy going, to the point,            kinda person and believe my booking process should be too (you're welcome hehe). Since we've already cleared up a lot of the questions you may have had, the rest is pretty dang on simple.

—you made it!

Capital H E double hockey sticks YES

xo, ash


I cannot wait to meet you, hug your neck, make you laugh, rattle off my best mom jokes, tell you my most embarrassing stories, show you some          dance moves, and of course give you some freakin' bomb ass photos!!! ;)

Fill out the form below as best you can with what applies to you.
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We will mutually decide on a package and date that works best for you.

I will draft up your contract and invoice and send it your way.

After I receive both contract and retainer, that's it... YOU'RE BOOKED!
We can officially begin dreaming up what your perfect session or wedding day looks like and how I can best serve you to make your vision a reality.


no, but really

drop it like it's hot