I’m not like a regular mom. I’m a cool mom

this is us

I am a hugger by nature. I love me some Jesus and that is something I will never try to hide or shy away from. The way to my heart will always be quality time, fresh flowers, and a good Saturday farmers market. I get Amazon Prime packages almost every day. My ideal date would consist of day drinking and snowboarding. I drive a sweet minivan. I eat soup year round and my weaknesses include puppies, chunky baby rolls, tamales, and cheese pizza.

I'm the other Ashley Olson...

If you're still scratching your head trying to figure out who I am... I am not rich. I am not famous. And no, I am NOT an Olsen twin. SHOCKER, I know.                              the cool one, the funny one, the one with the southern accent and hella dance moves.


Our house was built in 1920 (literally 102 years ago). We love a good project and this is going to be our BIGGEST one yet. The renos are coming ya'll so stay tuned. I am married to a real life mountain man (Willie) and together we've created the most perfect little Filipino, Norwegian mixed babies you ever did see, Marley (4) and Bronson (2). 

Ya'll. I'm not even joking...

We bought a 1920's farmhouse this year.

xo, ash

It has allowed me to be vulnerable, relatable, and inviting, which in turn helps my clients feel safe and free to be themselves when they are with me. It goes so much deeper than just taking photos of people I've never met. It's friendship. It's lovers. It's families. It's real life and real people. It's the stories that you've lived through and the ones still left to write... and I want to be a part of that. I want to tell your story exactly as it is... the happy, the hard, the messy. I don't want to just capture that pretty highlight reel, but all the beautiful life that happens in between too.

Growing up, I used to hate that I was sensitive and felt everything so deeply, but now it's one of my favorite things about myself and has not only shaped my love for human connection, but how I am able to translate that connection uniquely and authentically into photo form.

capturing your love story, while living my own